When brothers, Perry and Wally Wagamon, started their business together back in 1957, little did they know that other family members would share their interest in machine shop work.  Now after 52 years in the business Perry and Wally can still be found at the shop nearly everyday.  They both still continue to work and enjoy coming in and talking with the loyal customers.

 It was after high school graduation when Perry and Wally Wagamon opened their first general automotive repair shop.  Both were well qualified for the job with their journeyman's licenses, after spending many hours during their school years working at car dealerships.  Before long, we began to gain a reputation for overhauling engines in their small shop in Minnepolis.  In 1969 with the continued success Wagamon Bros. was force to move into largers quarters.  This is when we moved into our present site at 3719 3rd Street NE, Columbia Heights, MN where we now cover a full city block. 

Pat and Tom Wagamon have grown up around the business.  After high school Pat enlisted in the AirForce where he was an aircraft mechanic specializing in the F15's.  After that Pat came back to Minnesota to continue his career at Wagamon Bros.  Today he is the President of the Corporation and manages the Customer Service and Machine Shop and Engine Rebuilding departments.  Tom Wagamon went on to Dunwoody Techinal Institue after high school further his education as a mechanic.  Today Tom is in charge of the Automotive Service Department and the Automotive Techin

Today we still continue to be known for being Engine Specialists, but we do so much more than just Engines.  Wagamon Bros, does everything from changing tires, machine work, to installing a completely rebuilt engine in your vehicle.   

Wagamon Brothers

3719 3rd Street NE

Columbia Heights, MN 55421


It's a pleasure to do business at a place where the owners & employees have smiles on their faces...

Greg Koste
Date: Mar 19, 2010
  • Family Owned and Operated since 1957
  • 17 service bays
  • Our shop is equipped with the most modern and sophisticated computerized equipment available.